Der hyperaktive FLSV #1: Visit at Arcam

Yes, indeed, Cambridge is still a wonderful town in Not-longer-so-Great Britain, where one of my main suppliers of High End-Electronics ARCAM works and develops. Eight colleagues and me were invited last weekend for a visit of this marvellous town and of the new built facilities. Two very fine studios, one for Home Cinema with Dolby Atmos and one for 2-Channel-Stereo, both for very impressing immersive sound, were completed the last months. So Andy Moore could show us the sonical performance of their – in the best way – unspectacular units the best way possible, especially when DIRAC Live is activated.

Many thanks to all the British and German guys for the invatation. And my personal special thanks go to Mr. George Robertson, who did the best job to get the right feeling for British Hifi without talking too much about British Hifi!

And please: Don’t ask me about the two last beers!

And for those, who aren’t so famous in English i’d like to be, could read a fine report of a similar tour in our own language here.